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We strongly recommend to DETERMINE YOUR SIZE before ordering, as sizes may slightly vary for different Brands.

1. Band Size/Underbust Size measurement is best taken when wearing a proper fitting non-mouled style bra or no bra. Place the measuring tape around.
2. BUST - Bend over so that your chest is parallel to the ground. This posture is so that you will be able to measure all of your breast tissue — not just what protrudes outward when you are standing up. Measure around your bust torso, so that the tape is over the fullest part of your breasts. Do not pull the tape too tightly — it should be firm enough that it does not move, but not so tight that it is pressing into your breast tissue.
3. WAIST - measure around the slenderest part of your waist
4. HIPS - measure around the fullest part of your bottom at the top of the leg.

Size Table in inches for Nikol Djumon, Regina N, Lauma
Size Table in cm for Nikol Djumon, Regina N, Lauma

Paphia Size Table in inches
Paphia Size Table in cm

OBSESSIVE Size Charts:
Equivalent Weight kg Cups Waist cm Hips cm Stockings
S/M 36-40 45-75 B-C 57-72 85-100 1-2
L/XL 42-46 75-85 B-C 72-98 100-119 3-4

US size Weight Pounds Cups Waist Inches Hips Inches Stockings
S/M 6-10 100-165 B-C 22.5”-28.5” 33.5”-39.5” 1-2
L/XL 12-16 165-187 B-C 28.5”-38.75” 39.5”-47” 3-4